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Nowadays, maintaining the car body from external damages such as scratches, wear and rubbing, impact of tree foliage, acid spraying, bird droppings, the effect of tree sap is considered a vital matter, and due to the increase in the price of luxury cars, this is somehow It is considered to protect people's capital.

Using transparent PPF covers (glossy and matte) as well as colored covers is the best option to fully protect the body.

TECKWRAP company is one of the world's most reliable brands in the production of special car covers. The range of products of this company in the field of car body protective covers is very wide and diverse.

As the exclusive representative of TECKWRAP in Iran, Central Tuning is proud to provide services related to the installation and sale of protective covers of this company with the best quality and the shortest time.

TECKWRAP Catalogue Covers:

• Basic Structure Vinyl
• Chrome Vinyl
• Color Shift Vinyl
• Gloss Vinyl
• Matte Vinyl
• Paint Protection Film(PPF)
• Premium Structure Vinyl

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Isatis Middle East Company has the official and exclusive representative of G Tech products in England and it can be said that these products are among the best brands related to car detailing in the world.

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